All You Need to Know About Trademark Registration

16 Mar

Trademark means any emblem, term or word used to describe where a certain product is coming from and differentiate them from similar products. Possessing a trademark is advantageous.  When trademark is registered it allows a product to retain its originality and no counterfeit is made. There are many challenges in trademark registration. It requires persistence and complete. The procedure of registering the trademark can be done with or without including a legal representative. It goes like this when registering.

Investigating for a brand mark or name.  When you have got the conflicting mark for your product, be sure that no other product has that similar brand name like yours. You can do this by searching the Patent and Trademark Office website to make sure it is not in use and it is not applied for. Involving a lawyer if you find out that your name has another product is advisable to find out if you can continue with it or drop the brand name.  Registration can continue if the name has no other product sharing its name.  Trademark agency has strict settings of entire trademark names. 

When you are doing form-filling you will pay some money. The fee however depends on a number of factors. How many number of brand name is the first aspect. The other factor is the amount of classes where the mark fall and the third feature is the style of the form used. Whether the registration is rejected the money paid is not refunded.

Official gazette is used to publish the trademark that has gone through, then allow any person opposed to your brand name to file their complaint. In case nobody protest your mark, it immediately becomes a trademark TM. Discover more facts about trademarks at

Then after finishing registration you will receive notice of allowance in about 12 weeks after the brand was registered in official gazette. Six months are given to make use of the name in business.  Meaning the product with the brand will have been sold. You can pay an extra fee if you want enough time to sell the product, for extension of the six month period. Click here to learn more!

Filing the Statement of Use. It is like an evidence that the product is doing well in the market having the brand mark. This completes the trademark registration because it moves the mark from just being a mark with a TM to a fully registered trademark at Having learnt about trademark registration and seen it is not so complicated but requires endurance when going through the process. Now you know everything about trademark registration that you never knew about.

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